Only green tea has EGCG (anti-oxidant)? - Clarity Tea

Only green tea has EGCG (anti-oxidant)?

EGCG not only exists in green tea, but in every tea. The only difference is concentration level in each tea. Generally speaking, green tea has the highest level, about 50% more than black tea. In the other hand, oolong tea can be a good substitute if you are not a fan of green tea. It is only about 10% less but the taste is much more smooth and mild than green tea.

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What is oolong tea and why you should try. - Clarity Tea AE

What is oolong tea and why you should try.

The health benefits of oolong tea are boosting metabolism, aiding our digestive system, oil-cutting effect and moderate caffeine than green tea. We are introducing these wonderful healthy tea and the new concept to the UAE. Find the best oolong tea in Dubai? Start from here with Clarity Tea AE

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