Hojicha Powder Omi Original -40g

Dhs. 68.00

Hojicha Powder is a new type of "Green Tea" powder which is made from green tea but roasted.

It removes the vegetal note of matcha, instead it has a strong Toasted Sesame and Dark Caramel sweetness when it hits milk. -- It is designed for making latte.

  • Low caffeine content than coffee and matcha
  • Made for Latte -- Add oat, almond, cow milk or any milk of choice.
  • 40g per pack (16 servings)
  • Coffee alternatives
  • Product of Japan - season June 2023
  • Crafted by Tea Maker Mr Yamaguchi

How to prepare?

  1. Take 2.2g of Hojicha powder and mix with 30ml of hot water
  2. User an electric whisk or chasen to mix
  3. Add any milk of your choice 


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