Alishan High Mountain Floral Oolong - Clarity Silk

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Type: Oolong


  • Pure tasting note: Ultra-Smooth, Natural Jasmine Floral note
  • Subtle natural Milky note, no¬†added scents.
  • Environmentally-friendly farming method
  • Made by an award-winning Taiwanese tea master

This exceptional award-winning tea is masterfully made for green tea lovers or even non-tea drinkers. The natural floral and milky notes are the results of craftsmanship and the iconic Taiwanese Golden Lily tea cultivar. 

It is also the pure original version of Milk Oolong, with no extra blends but fragrant. 

Time to enjoy:
Any time of the day. Best enjoy after lunch and in the afternoon. Low to Medium caffeinated.

alishan mountains ranges

Tea Profile 

Aroma   Natural subtle Jasmine (unscented)
Taste   Sweet corn & fresh green beans
Feeling   Focus (alertness), Long-lasting aroma, Soothing

Tea Preparation

Amount   2tsp (4.2g) in 300 ml / 1tsp in 150ml
Time   4 - 5 minutes
Temp.   95 degrees
Serves   39 cups from 50g (Re-infuse 3 -4 times) 

100% pure oolong tea
Tea garden: Mt. Alishan, Chiayi, Taiwan
Lightly fermented, Non-roasted

Taiwanese Oolong Tea 

  • AMOUNT : 2 tsp (about 4.5g) in 300ml
  • TIME : 3 - 4 minutes (non-roasted), 4 - 5 minutes (roasted)
  • TEMPERATURE : 90 - 95 degrees

Taiwanese Black Tea 

  • AMOUNT : 2 tsp (about 4.5g) in 300ml
  • TIME : 3 - 4 minutes (non-roasted)
  • TEMPERATURE : 95 degrees

General questions:

1. When will I get my order? 

We will send out your parcel in the same day or next day when we receive your order. The estimated time is about 1 -2 days within Dubai. 2-3 days to Abu Dhabi, Sharjah.

Shipping fee within Dubai: 9AED  (on order below 100 AED)

other Emirates: 18 AED ( delivery days = 2 days) 

Free Shipping > 100AED

You can get an authentic Taiwanese tea in Dubai within 24 hours.

2. I've got no experience with Oolong tea, where should I start?

We would suggest you start from our

Tea Sample Box 

Gift Box | MyClarityTea

3. How to prepare this tea?

We minimize your effort to enjoy a great cup of tea!

  • A cup with strainer ( like this one)
  • Two teaspoons of whole leaf tea
  • Steep for 3-5 minutes ( follow the instruction on our packaging)
  • Take out the strainer and Repeat *3 times¬†

      4. What does Single origin mean?

      You has the right to know what you get and why you are paying for. 

      MyClarityTea: Oolong Tea in Dubai

      Like other premium tea regions, Darjeeling, Ceylon and Assam. We crafted and packed tea in the country of origin. (See the product info on the back of each packaging)

      Means no "secondhand processing". So we can guarantee your cup of tea is crystal clean and tastes differently from others. 

      5. How do we make our tea?

      We don't have an industrial factory to produce tea, only a group of dedicated tea makers using there hands to craft tea in small batches.

      We are supervised under Taiwanese government. Every season, our partnered tea farmers participate in different tea contests and collaborate with lab in national universities for quantitative quality assurance.  

      6. General intro for our tea:

      For Stronger flavour: Popcorn aroma and Subtly sweet after tea is roasted. 

      oolong tea in dubai

      Try SPING DANCER AROMATIC FLORAL OOLONG if you prefer stronger (but not aggressive) taste in your tea.

      SILK DANCER (High Mountain Silk Oolong) is the perfect tea for those who love lighter taste, almost like green tea, but it has a higher fermentation level, so it won’t cause you unpleasant stomach issues. 


      #3 MASTER SERIES:  Soothing lingering aftertaste

      Crafted Ruby might be one of the most smoothest black tea you'll ever get, if you are not the big fan of bitterness or strong tannin kick on your tongue.

      Master Amber High Mountain Roasted Oolong is the very interesting high mountain oolong with the soothing woodiness and the hint of honey scent, naturally comes from our partnered tea master's excellent craftsmanship.


      Customer Reviews

      Based on 3 reviews
      Lena Lenina
      ūü•į amazing taste

      I am inlove with this tea ūü•į very good taste . My favorite is clarity silk ( tender taste) good for morning. I also like how the tea is packaged ūüõć and your attention to me as a client .
      Floral Oolong is also good !

      Thank you for what you do .
      Good luck .

      Love this!

      Am enjoying switching my assortment of tea bags to this oolong tea to drink throughout the day. It’s been calming and so good for the body!

      Liying Tay
      Great quality

      Finally found green tea in this region that is authentic!

      Secret of Oolong Tea

      It has the most enticing tastes and varies of health benefits that you should know.

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