Clarity Silk - The Best High Mountain Oolong from Taiwan – Clarity Tea

Alishan High Mountain Floral Oolong - Clarity Silk

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  • Pure tasting note: Ultra-Smooth, Natural Jasmine Floral note
  • Subtle natural Milky note, no added scents.
  • Environmentally-friendly farming method
  • Made by an award-winning Taiwanese tea master

This exceptional award-winning tea is masterfully made for green tea lovers or even non-tea drinkers. The natural floral and milky notes are the results of craftsmanship and the iconic Taiwanese Golden Lily tea cultivar. 

It is also the pure original version of Milk Oolong, with no extra blends but fragrant. 

Time to enjoy:
Any time of the day. Best enjoy after lunch and in the afternoon. Low to Medium caffeinated.

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Tea Profile 

Tea Profile 

Aroma   Natural subtle Jasmine (unscented)
Taste   Sweet corn & fresh green beans
Feeling   Focus (alertness), Long-lasting aroma, Soothing

Tea Preparation

Tea Preparation

Amount   2tsp (4.2g) in 300 ml / 1tsp in 150ml
Time   4 - 5 minutes
Temp.   95 degrees
Serves   39 cups from 50g (Re-infuse 3 -4 times) 

100% pure oolong tea
Tea garden: Mt. Alishan, Chiayi, Taiwan
Lightly fermented, Non-roasted 

How to brew this tea

Taiwanese Oolong Tea 

  • AMOUNT : 2 tsp (about 4.5g) in 300ml
  • TIME : 3 - 4 minutes (non-roasted), 4 - 5 minutes (roasted)
  • TEMPERATURE: 90 - 95 degrees

Taiwanese Black Tea 

  • AMOUNT : 2 tsp (about 4.5g) in 300ml
  • TIME : 3 - 4 minutes (non-roasted)
  • TEMPERATURE: 95 degrees 

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