What is Gong-Fu Cha? Chinese tea ceremony – Clarity Tea
What is Gong-Fu Cha? Chinese tea ceremony - Clarity Tea

What is Gong-Fu Cha? Chinese tea ceremony

What is Gong-Fu Cha? Chinese tea ceremony

Gongfu (功夫)in Mandarin means a study or learning that requires our mindfulness, patience and time to complete. 

So gongfu cha means, a brewing method that requires your attention and energy to prepare but the result is peaceful, energizing and engaging. 

It is a very good way to practice mindfulness and stop the noises from outside.

Reminiscence for Asians 

Depends on the country and culture, our first touchpoint of tea are all different.

In Asia, our grandpa or dad would put a big spoon of loose tea into a small teapot and kept adding water in the same teapot for the whole afternoon. We have the memory of tasting high mountain tea which has a strong floral and fresh vegetal note. But this reminiscence is disappearing for millenniums.


We call this Gong-Fu Cha, or Skillful brewing.

How to practice Gong-fu cha at home?

Tools you'll need:

  • Small size teapot: 50-150 ml
  • Pitcher ( for sharing)
  • Your favorite teacup
  • Water kettle
  • Small infuser


  1. Warm up the teapot
  2. Awaken: Quickly rinse the tea and discard the first infusion.
  3. Appreciation: Smell the dry leaf
  4. Steep the second infusion for 30 seconds and pour into the pitcher.
  5. Share and Enjoy. 
  6. Repeat the process for 5 to 10 times. 

* The best tea to water ratio is 1g of tea to 70ml of water.


 To make it even better.

  • Keep the water temperature above 90 degrees for the most aromatic results.
  • The second to third infusion is the most flavourful ones.


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