Sourcing and Tea makers

Tea was first discovered in China but mostly being consumed outside of Asia. It has become a lucrative industry that sometimes labour exploitation happens behind the scenes. 
The results are...
Lower cost, lower quality and fancier flavours, but with a cheaper price.
Creating a cup of tea with a fine taste and natural ingredients is not as easy as it sounds, especially not going through food agencies.
tea gardens in taiwan

It all started with PEOPLE

It is the most important step to partner with like-minded farmers. Because we believe that good tastes can only come from good tea makers and growers.
 Craftsmanship and tea farming ethics when selecting our tea so we can bring good tea education and produce to you. 
The connection with how, where and what tea is in your tea bag has been lost and we are on a mission to bring that back.


authentic oolong tea making


 Starting from the teas origin, we visit each tea garden and talk to the tea makers before we make every order. In Clarity, we are bringing you more than the taste, we source from suppliers with the same business ethics. 


Lishan tea garden in Taiwan

(some privacy for my tea friends) 


How do we source in Clarity Tea?

  • Walk into the tea gardens and inspect the tea plants.
  • Take part in their tea production (or harvesting if possible) and bring back the tea they are proud of.
  • Bound the friendship with the tea-makers and growers.

(updated on Aug. 2020)


    We truly believe in the power of connection between the tea, people and our land. That's why we want to share the story of each tea and the tea-maker, just to reconnect the growers (or tea-makers) and tea-drinkers. 

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