Chasen - Bamboo Matcha Whisk
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Omi Organic Matcha - JSA Organic Certified
Dhs. 79.80
Alishan High Mountain Floral Oolong - Clarity Silk
From Dhs. 35.00

From Taiwanese farmers to you.

It all began with the respect of nature, farmers and our obsessions for true taste of tea. That's why we can proudly say - We know everything about our tea. From Farms to your cup.

Push your reset button, let's dive into the world of tea from Taiwan and Japan.

About Us

Omi Matcha

"Clean aftertaste, well-balanced green and umami note, a good entry for matcha beginner.'

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AMBER / Bestseller

[ High Mountain Oolong ]

" One-of-a-kind oolong that is Sweet, Smooth and smells like Maple syrup."

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SILK / Clarity Signature

[ A winner from Ali Mountain ]

" Super smooth, naturally floral with a hint of milk. A tea experience that you've never had before."

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SPRING / Emirati's

[ Go-to Tea ; Iced or hot ]

" A well-balanced strong tea with an interesting note of rice popcorn. It provides you a rich mineral and anti-oxidant everyday supply."

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Sample / All In One

4 single origin tea | 16 cups in total

Best gift for tea lovers or taste explorers

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We know our farmers

We work with local award-winning tea families and brought back the pure taste of real tea that is good for you.