About Us

"I wasn't a tea drinker until I tried the tea from my own country, Taiwan. The tastes and unique aroma blown my mind away." 

 - Hanne, founder of Clarity Tea


It's almost like an obsession, we want to find the tea with good Energy and Story. 

Tea is the most consumed beverage after water, but we barely know anything about it. It's still ruled by international big brands who mass produce it like car parts.

The truth is, we barely see "tea leaf" in our cups, instead, we buy tea based on the organic certifications, packaging or the blends that we like. But tea is actually more than that. 

Clarity Tea was created with two purposes - The Natural Taste of Tea and the People who make it happened.


Alishan high mountain tea

We are a bit skeptical about the certifications since it COSTS A LOT OF MONENY to get and maintain that certification. Many family-owned tea gardens couldn't afford to get that. So...

We visited our partnered farmers, and checked their tea gardens before bringing their tea outside of Taiwan. They are like a big family who is giving us unlimited supports.

iced tea
( we were enjoying his iced white tea in summer )



“Flavoring and additives are never our options for bringing healthy and beautifully tasting teas to you.” 
Tea master Liu said, the creator of Crafted Ruby Black

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