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Chasen - Bamboo Matcha Whisk
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Alishan High Mountain Floral Oolong - Clarity Silk
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"It’s so good, it’s creamy, it blends well and it goes so well with all kinds of milk. " - Clarity customer

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Our Story

It all began with the respect of nature, farmers and our obsessions for true taste of tea. That's why we can proudly say - We know everything about our tea. From Farms to your cup.

Push your reset button, let's dive into the world of tea from Taiwan and Japan.

About Us

AMBER / Bestseller

[ High Mountain Oolong ]

" One-of-a-kind oolong that is Sweet, Smooth and smells like Maple syrup."

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We know our farmers

We work with local award-winning tea families and brought back the pure taste of real tea that is good for you.


SILK / Clarity Signature

[ A winner from Ali Mountain ]

" Super smooth, naturally floral with a hint of milk. A tea experience that you've never had before."

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SPRING / Emirati's

[ Go-to Tea ; Iced or hot ]

" A well-balanced strong tea with an interesting note of rice popcorn. It provides you a rich mineral and anti-oxidant everyday supply."

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