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Rare Sweet Roasted Oolong- Master Amber

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  • Spring Honey, Smooth, Woodiness and Orange blossom peel 
  • Sugar-free but tastes like maple syrup.
  • Tastes differently in hot, chilled and iced

Amber oolong is deliciously crafted with complex deep flavour from Ali Mountain (Alishan). It is a one-of-a-kind oolong tea you wouldn't want to miss out

Carefully crafted by our award-winning tea master who is excel in crafting roasting tea for more than 30 years.

Time to enjoy: 
Anytime and throughout the day. Very low in caffeine.

Our tea master Mr. Xie


Our Tea Master Mr. Xie


Tea Profile

Aroma   Orange Blossom Peel, Honey
Taste   Woody, Ripe Fruit, Lichi 
Feeling   Soothing, Relief and Warm


Tea Preparation

Amount    2tsp (4.5g) in 300 ml cup / teapot
Time    4 minutes
Temp.    95 degrees
Serves    33 cups from 50g (Re-infuse 2 to 3 times) 

Cold Infusion

Read our BLOG to learn how to make it into honey taste cold-infusion.

Ingredients: 100% pure oolong tea
Tea garden: Mt. Ali, Chiayi, Taiwan
Light-Mid fermented, Medium-roasted

How to brew this tea

Taiwanese Oolong Tea 

  • AMOUNT : 2 tsp (about 4.5g) in 300ml
  • TIME : 3 - 4 minutes (non-roasted), 4 - 5 minutes (roasted)
  • TEMPERATURE: 90 - 95 degrees

Taiwanese Black Tea 

  • AMOUNT : 2 tsp (about 4.5g) in 300ml
  • TIME : 3 - 4 minutes (non-roasted)
  • TEMPERATURE: 95 degrees

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Andrew Mills
Master Amber

This is my go to afternoon tea. Very relaxing!

Authentic oolong tea

This is the only “real” oolong tea I could find in Dubai. And surprisingly, the quality is better than the regular oolong tea in Taiwan also!

Pooja Varyani
High Quality, Smooth Tea with Unique Aroma

I love the Master Amber for its smooth texture and sweet aroma that dances with notes of honey and a subtle floral fragrance. The quality of the oolong is one of the best I’ve encountered so far! I also love that this tea doesn’t get too bitter. Highly highly recommend!

Secret of Oolong Tea

It has the most enticing tastes and varies of health benefits that you should know.

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