Green and Sweet Oolong Set #2

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The best Oolong tea for all oolong tea lovers!

Incorporate a healthy routine into your day. Here's the best kit to help you to kickstart your loose tea journey with a minimum effort in 5 minutes.

What's inside?

TWO of masterfully crafted green oolong tea 

Silk Dancer high mountain tea:

Our bestseller and champion high mountain tea. Floral, smooth and naturally sweet without any blends. Limited batch from our old tea master from Ali Mountain in Taiwan.

Spring Dancer light roasted oolong:

One of our tea has the strongest profile, but it is still smooth and sweet without astringency. With a toasted sweet note like popped rice, it is the best option for an everyday stomach cleanse.   


Total size 100g ( ave. 60 cups)

Country of origin: Taiwan

Seasons: Spring harvest 


How to brew this tea

Taiwanese Oolong Tea 

  • AMOUNT : 2 tsp (about 4.5g) in 300ml
  • TIME : 3 - 4 minutes (non-roasted), 4 - 5 minutes (roasted)
  • TEMPERATURE: 90 - 95 degrees

Taiwanese Black Tea 

  • AMOUNT : 2 tsp (about 4.5g) in 300ml
  • TIME : 3 - 4 minutes (non-roasted)
  • TEMPERATURE: 95 degrees

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Lena Lenina

I am inLove with this tea ❤️👍

Hasan Alhussaini


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