Premium Rare Black Tea- Crafted Ruby

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  • Malt, Caramel, Light Cinnamon (No blends, all-natural.)
  • Organic-certified in Taiwan since 2012. Zero pesticide residues.
  • Never gets bitter even after a long steeping time.

Bold but smooth back tea with natural caramel and subtle cinnamon note. A truly rare organic Ruby-18 black tea rarely exported outside of Taiwan.

Time to enjoy:
Morning to 6 pm. Mild to strong caffeinated.  

How this tea is made

Each batch of black tea has gone through 2 weeks of production time and testing. Our tea master leaves out unpleasant bitterness and only creates a smooth and sweet taste in tea. No blends or infusions are needed. 


MyClarityTea: Premium Rare Black Tea- Crafted Ruby

Tea Profile 

Aroma  Sweet cinnamon, Caramel and Ripe
Taste  Light caramel, Brown sugar and Plum (cold)
Feeling   Long-lasting, Ultra-smooth and Enticing


Amount   2tsp (4g) in 300 ml cup / teapot
Time   3 minutes for pure tea. 10 mins for milk tea
Temp.   95 degrees
Serves   35 cups, Re-infuse 2 to 3 times
Extra   Enjoy without milk and sugar, or add full cream milk

Ingredients: 100% Pure Black tea

Tea garden: Nantou, 800m  Organic-certified in Taiwan.

Handcrafted in a very small batch

Fully oxidation, Mid-to-deep roasted 


How to brew this tea

Taiwanese Oolong Tea 

  • AMOUNT : 2 tsp (about 4.5g) in 300ml
  • TIME : 3 - 4 minutes (non-roasted), 4 - 5 minutes (roasted)
  • TEMPERATURE: 90 - 95 degrees

Taiwanese Black Tea 

  • AMOUNT : 2 tsp (about 4.5g) in 300ml
  • TIME : 3 - 4 minutes (non-roasted)
  • TEMPERATURE: 95 degrees

Customer Reviews

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Andrew Mills
Premium Black Tea - Crafted Ruby

I had been searching for a good quality tea for some time and am very happy that I have found Clarity Tea. This non-bitter, smooth black tea is perfect first thing in the morning and can be re-infused to give you another couple of cups as you settle into your day.
Take your time and mindfully enjoy this tea experience enjoying the aroma and flavour.

I also have to add that the attention to detail that Hanneily gives with every order is amazing.
Thank you.

The best Black tea EVER

I absolutely LOVED the tea! I usually drink herbal or green tea and rarely black tea since I find it too strong. This black tea however was not strong at all. Had the light taste and almost a naturally sweet flavour to it. Even though I accidentally forgot it in to steep for nearly 40min! Definitely recommended!

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