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Barista Premium Matcha - Omi (30g)

Dhs. 68.00

Story of Omi Premium Matcha - Daily

This isn’t just one of another matcha from Japan. We source our Japanese matcha from Kanji-san, who is the top 15 tea producer in Japan.

30g per pack (15 servings)

Why do we choose his matcha?

Kanji-san is on a mission to let the world know about the purity and clean taste of good matcha. Just like how we are passionate about tea.

His Omi Matcha might not be the brightest green one, but the silky, smooth and sweet taste– you won’t be disappointed.


*One Scoop of matcha = 0.9g = One serving

Where does this matcha from?

Kenji-san's family still keeps the traditional way to make matcha and other green tea. And the leaf he chooses is produce in the other side of the mountain of Uji, one of the last clean area for growing tea. He is the 5th generation of tea family.

He extended 5 extra days of "shading period" which increases the amount of L-theanine and also the sweetness in his matcha. 

Produce in Shiga Prefecture Japan, a countryside next to Kyoto. 


How to prepare?

1. Measure 1.5-2g of matcha with Shashaku (or half of normal teaspoon) 

2. Prepare 80 degrees of hot water

3. Sift matcha powder to break big lumps

4. Pour 30ml of water and quickly whisk with Z or W shape

5. Enjoy it when it's still hot.

Tasting Note

Nut, Mellow Sweet and Mildly Savory note 

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Judith Hernandez
The Best Marcha

It is delicious itself, cold or hot it’s just fantastic

Wfa Abdulkhaleq

Premium Matcha - Omi

Great Matcha

This is the first matcha I tried to make by myself and it was delicious. There is no bitterness and the powder smells like vanilla, and the price is reasonable compared to other stores.

Joseph Boston
The best matcha in Dubai at good price point

The first time I tried Clarity’s matcha was in a coffee shop. It was very smooth without bitterness or muddy taste. So I ordered one tin for myself right away. Hands down the best matcha in Dubai.

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