Signature Tasting Tea Tubes

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Try all our premium selections (4 types) at once, made by award-winning tea masters who apply eco-friendly natural farming practices to manage their tea gardens.

Non-bitter tea, only Smooth and handcrafted in small batches. 

taiwanese oolong tea in dubai

Starter: Experience tea tube box (55AED, limited time Free Shipping)

4 tastes, 4 tea tubes in this box, 

  • Lightly Roasted Floral oolong: White flower with a hint of sugarcane sweetness. Can add extra honey.

  • Natural Jasmine scent green oolong: Award-winning tea with natural jasmine and sweet corn taste. Enjoy this  ultra-smooth tea with its exceptional in-depth taste.

  • Roasted Oolong tea: Sweet roasted like sipping a cup of spring honey. Low in caffeine and non-bitter afternoon treat.

  • Organic non-bitter Black Tea: Naturally with cinnamon and sweetness of caramel, this black tea can be steeped for 1 hour without bitterness.

Total size 38g (total serve 16 cups)


special tea cups

Full Set #1 (4 tubes & 1 Cup)

- A Clarity Mountain Teacup: Beloved by our customers, even coffee drinkers.

- Lightly Roasted Floral oolong: Spring Dancer. A classic Taiwanese tea (Four Seasons Spring) with a pleasing subtle wild floral note - A taste of sweet spring.

- High-class Mountain Green Oolong: Silk Dancer - A champion tea from Taiwan with a subtle jasmine scent naturally from the tea itself, no essential oil or flower blends inside. Enjoy this ultra-smooth tea with its exceptional in-depth taste.

- Roasted Oolong tea: Master Amber - Sweet and Light woodiness. Tastes amazing both hot and cold.

- Premium Black tea: Crafted Ruby -  Unordinary black tea. A smooth and sweet rare black tea that is not yet be introduced to the Middle East. It is grown in an organic-certified tea garden.



designer glass teapot with strainer

Full Set #2  (4 tubes & 1 Ritual Tea Bowl)

Clarity Ritual Tea Bowl: 2021 Spring New product 


5 tea, 5 tubes

Includes 4 tea tubes PLUS 1 extra rare tea tube. - Free shipping (70AED)

One extra rare tea tube 

Total size: 45g 

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Wonderful experience!

I like the packaging a lot, very cute and very easy to understand. I used a half tube of tea, filled up my coffee mug and steeped for 4 mins. And Hanneily also wrote me a brewing guide in case I got lost:) Very nice and thoughtful. Her tea is absolutely amazing, very smooth and naturally sweet. You can feel and see the quality is so different from other brands in this region. Will buy it again.

Sylvia Kluge
Lovely tea experience

I really love tea and i loved the tea and ordered also the Package with the tea cup and the teas for tasting for a friends birthday. She really loved it. Definitely not the last time i am buying from you.

Wonderful tea!

As a tea lover I was so happy to come across this brand. I was referred by a friend and I looked on the website to do more research. It was full of claims about it be high quality and no bitter taste. I received my order the same day! and I loved the packaging. Overall it has been a great experience and it’s really good quality tea, my friend also tried it and loved it! Definitely will purchasing more.

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